Inclusive Education for Every Child in Bulqizë Municipality

Partnerë për Fëmijët in partnership with Bulqizë Municipality is implementing the project “Inclusive Education for Every Child in Bulqizë Municipality” which is financed by the Italian Albanian Development Cooperation Programme (IADSA). This is an 18 month project which started in October 2014 and will finish in March 2016.

The overall objective of this project is in line with the Albanian government’s strategic development and integration priorities to improve the education system and to include more children from ethnic minority groups, from vulnerable groups and children with disabilities into education and within society. This project aims to develop the quality and inclusive education to ensure that no child is left behind, left out or neglected and is offered educational and social opportunities for his/her overall development within Bulqize Municipality.

At the beginning of January 2015 the renovation of “Xhevdet Doda” Advanced Elementary School began. The total renovation which will include access for persons or children with physical disabilities; a new roof; a gymnasium; heating system and new toilets and bathrooms on each floor. This restoration will also provide a good space for children to enjoy physical exercise and play team and sports games, which are necessary for the physical welfare of developing children. In addition, the project will conduct community awareness raising on the rights of children with disabilities to attend school and be educated alongside their peers. Parents and community members will also be encouraged to become part of the decision-making structures within the school such as members of the school board or the parents’ council. Meetings and training with members or the students’ government will empower the confidence and skills of the pupils to be able to welcome every child into school and to ensure that no child is harassed or teased due to differences in appearance or ability.

Discussions and meetings with the members of the school board have taken place to understand their understanding and knowledge regarding their role and responsibilities and what issues they wish to learn more about. A joint meeting between the school board members in Bulqize and in Dibër schools is planned to enable exchange of information and experience.