Promotion and Protection of Human Rights through the Empowerment of the People’s Advocate in Albania

Partnerë për Fëmijët implemented the project “Promotion and Protection of Human Rights through the Empowerment of the People’s Advocate in Albania” with the financial support of DANIDA throughout the period May 2014 – December 2014.

This project improved the level of knowledge and understanding of the pre-university education and primary health care system in Albania for the People’s Advocate, government institutions and civil society, through an integrated study and comparison with international human right standards and good practices. In addition, information and promotional materials were produced for the People’s Advocate’s staff to use to raise the awareness and recognition of human rights for all Albanian citizens.

Two national studies were conducted in 6 regions of Albania focusing on the current pre-university education and primary health care systems in Albania addressing the implementation of international human right standards and good practices. Children, youth, parents, teachers, health professionals and local government representatives were interviewed or attended focus groups to establish their views on the level and quality of the services they received. As a result two study reports were compiled, published and the findings launched in two national workshops with the participation of 100 participants on 9th December 2014 and 15th December 2014. Copies of the two reports can be requested from Partnerë për Fëmijët on

5 leaflets were produced containing information on different human rights. These included: child rights, women’s rights, ethnic minorities’ rights and rights of the Roma community. All the leaflets included instructions on how to register a complaint to the Ombudsman when they believe a public administration has failed to provide a service in accordance with the legislation of the country. The final leaflet focused on providing information for citizens on what is the Ombudsman, his/her roles and responsibilities and ways to contact the ombudsman.

5 posters were produced for display in public and local government offices and on border crossings into Albania. The topics were: asylum seekers’ rights; environment protection; Say No to Blood Feud; the rights of the citizens to participate in local government decision-making and the rights of people with disabilities.

Three manuals were published addressing:

  1. Udhëzuesi i Inspektimit të Shërbimeve Shoqërore në Shqipëri (The Guideline Social Services in Albania – Inspection of Social Services), July 2014
  2. Pjesëmarrja e Fëmijëve dhe të Rinjve në Qeverisjen Vendore (Youth and Child Participation in Local Decision-Making), July 2014
  3. Lindur të Lirë dhe të Barabartë – Të drejtat e Personave LGBT (Born Free and Equal – Rights of the LGBT Community), July 2014