Ingrid Jones

Ingrid Jones, Executive Director originates from England, but has worked in Albania with Partnerë për Fëmijët and its predecessor since 2004. She and two colleagues founded the organization in 2006. Mrs Jones has a Masters in Development Management and is a qualified social worker and has worked in the field of humanitarian and long term development work and social welfare reforms in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Southern Sudan and Commonwealth of Independent States for fifteen years. Mrs Jones’ sees the role of Partnerë për Fëmijët as being an organisation that works for the overall benefit of children and youth and one that strives towards improvements in the services and policies that impact on their lives through working with and building the capacity of partners and stakeholders; through listening to the wishes of children and promoting the rights of every child in the country. In addition to managing Partnerë për Fëmijët, Mrs Jones is also an experienced researcher and evaluator and an author of several papers, manuals and the Working Protocol for Child Protection Workers in Albania, 2010.

Alda Kondakciu

Alda Kondakciu, graduated in Social Work, Social Science Faculty, University of Tirana, 2008. Since 2008, during six years of experience working at Partnerë për Fëmijët, has coordinated and managed several projects with focus on education, school dropout, inclusion, capacity building and coordination of stakeholders and members from local communities, development of information and promotional materials, facilitation and development of trainings; conduct research and writing of study reports.

DSC_0559Ermira Kurti

Ermira holds a University Diploma in Social Work and a Master in Public Administration. She defines herself as a woman who takes pride in working with and for children and youth as well as being a social change agent. She has been working with children, youth, parents, teacher, educators and local authorities for the past 13 years by using her knowledge and skills in developing societies to improve the lives of children in Albania. Simultaneously, inwardly learning through the voices, ideas and experiences of the people she works with and especially from children and young people. Her motto in life is that “we are constantly learning and evolving as individuals.” Therefore, she recognizes that she is knowledgeable but she can acquire more.

Over the years, Ermira has helped oversee the development, supervision, and expansion of Early Years Programmes in the northeast of Albania and has designed and provided professional development training for raising the skills, capacities for educators and enhancing the use of child-focused methodologies. Ermira’s current role in Partnerë për Fëmijët involves managing projects and the development and facilitation of training modules specifically focusing on: human rights, children’s rights and gender. In addition, Ermira is a competent designer and developer of information brochures, guidelines and manuals for a range of stakeholders. Ermira is a Global Master Trainer on Child Social and Financial Education and in this role she has provided training for teachers and educators in Albania and in Europe.

Foto profili Gonxhe 1Gonxhe Kandri

Gonxhe Kandri, Project Manager has worked with Partnerë për Fëmijët since 2009. Mrs Kandri has studied in the University of Social Science in Tirana and has a Diploma in Social Work. In her work with Partnerë për Fëmijët she has coordinated different projects, developed and conducted trainings on inclusion of children with disabilities, child rights and access to services, raising capacities of the school boards, teachers, psychologists and compiling reports. In addition Mrs Kandri has conducted research and Monitoring and Evaluation in respect of Early Childhood Education and Health and Education Services. Mrs Kandri is a Regional Master Trainer for the Child Financial and Social Education Programme.

nela fotoErmonela Myrtezani

Ms. Ermonela Myrtezani has 15 years of experience of working in the non-profit sector. Since 2006 she has been employed as the Finance Manager in Partnerë për Fëmijët where she has focused on broadening and deepening her expertise in organizational strategy, governance, and operations. Ms Myrtezani is competent in the development and execution of complex budgets and reporting to international and national donors and governmental authorities.

Ms. Myrtezani graduated in Business Economics and also has a Master in Business Administration Diploma. Her motto is: Everyone has to do his/her best in improving children’s life.