What We Do

What We Do

Children with Disabilities:

Partnerë për Fëmijët has trained parents, local government, school directors, teachers and health professionals on the rights of children with disabilities and raised the level of awareness regarding the participation, inclusion and a barrier free environment for children with disabilities. Two Self-Support Groups for parents or families of children with disabilities have been formed, trained and supported in Bajram Curri Municipality and Tropojë Commune.

A Child and Family Services Office is operating in Bajram Curri Municipality in partnership with the Municipality of Bajram Curri. The office has a trained social worker who works with children, their families and local services to ensure that all children with a disability are enabled to access their rights to education, health services and to be included in social activities and community life. A multi-disciplinary Children’s Commission has been trained and meets monthly to develop Care and Support Plans for individual children with disabilities. Regular social activities and celebratory events, including summer activities are arranged for children with disabilities and other children.

Partnere per Femijet is a founding member of the Balkan Region Early Support Network, (BRESN). BRESN aims to improve the quality of life for all children with disabilities in the Balkan Region through early intervention by enhancing the interaction between government institutions and civil society organizations

Early Childhood Care and Development:

Since 2003 Partnerë për Fëmijët has developed, managed and supported the setting up, training and ongoing support of community based preschool and social centres known as the Gardens of Mothers and Children Centres in partnership with the Regional Directorates of Education, Municipalities, Communes and parents. In addition to the Gardens of Mothers and Children Centres in Dibër, Has, Kukës and Tropojë Districts, Partnerë për Fëmijët is supporting state kindergartens. The centres provide children aged between 3 and 6 years old and their parents with daily child centred activities based on learning through play, child rights, the environment, cultural history and identity, information and health services for babies, young children, mothers and expectant women. Parents and community members are actively involved in the maintenance and activities of the Gardens of Mothers and Children Centres.

In 2012 Partnerë për Fëmijët will be extending its support by including another 10 state kindergartens in Tropoje District within its training, guidance and improvement programme.


The education programme aims to create access to improved learning, paying particular attention to enhancing the interaction between children, parents and teachers. The programme has primarily targeted children who have dropped out of school, those who are illiterate or are struggling academically; the integration and support of children from ethnic minorities into mandatory school and reducing the isolation and lack of education to children affected by blood feud revenge. Additionally Partnerë për Fëmijët has supported the introduction of school psychology services in Dibër and Kukës Districts in partnership with the Regional Directorates of Education in Dibër and Kukës. Through training and the development of small projects the capacities of School Boards has been enhanced with the aim of improving school environments and reducing the number of children dropping out of school. Information has been provided to parents and communities on the importance of education for children and their futures through TV debates and information leaflets.

Child Protection:

Children from any background can be victims of abuse or neglect. This can include neglect, physical injury, sexual or emotional harm, exploitation, forced labour or trafficking.

Partnerë për Fëmijët has set up and supported two Child Protection Units in Peshkopi and Shkodër Municipalities and raised local government, parents and communities awareness through training, information and providing resources to help carry out child protection work.

In addition we have promoted the birth registration of children in isolated communities in the north east of Albania, (close to 1000 children were registered during a three year project funded by the European Union) and added our voice to others thus changing the legislation on birth registration nationally.

Partnerë për Fëmijët is a member of United for Child Care and Protection, (BKTF) and lobbies and advocates for changes in legislation and service provision for children in Albania.

Research and Training Services:

Partnerë për Fëmijët has trained and experienced staff who can offer a variety of assistance with capacity building and training programmes in areas of child and human development, social welfare reform, early years care and development, education, child protection, awareness raising on the rights of children with disabilities and social work.

Assessments, research, situational analysis, household surveys and evaluations can be tailored to the needs of civil society or governmental bodies with reports and recommendations for the future.

Recent research has included cash benefits and social services for children and families and peer research into the preparation and leaving care support to young people in state care.

Capacity building with school boards, youth government, local government employees and self-support groups for parents of children with disabilities.